It's been nearly two years, but today I am finally sharing my own wedding stationery story with you all!

I did question whether or not to write this, as I prefer to share all of my lovely client's creative ideas with the world and maybe I was afraid of seeming egotistical, or it being "too late" or some other nonsense that my brain conjured up. A stationery story is a stationery story nonetheless and my main aim through what I do is to inspire and show all couples out there that you can be totally yourselves and have your big day your way. So hence, here we are. I am going to share my most special day with you all and what we did stationery wise, that helped make it so completely magical!
For my bouquet, I chose each flower to represent a member of our families (created by the ever so gorgeous and talented Flowers by Mee) and so floral/garden madness was an obvious choice for our invitations. I had initially thought, "I'll keep our invites simple" then I realised what sort of person I was and my mind was quickly changed! (lol). My husband and I do have very similar tastes so it worked well!
I really wanted to make our stationery a balance between who we are as people - my artsy fartsy floral whimsy along with his logical and streamlined style. I played with geometry a lot and with our full day invitations, I created a layered invite with details printed on a translucent sheet then the backdrop being fully floral ( drawn by me). I then hand foiled each invitation in a geometric pattern in rose gold foil. The evening invitation was a simplified version of our full day with geometry and florals throughout. The wax seal was a must for us and we managed to get this gorgeous personalised one on Etsy, and we used multicoloured wax for each invite (his effort, for which I am thankful), which we bought on Amazon. 
We didn't have a religious ceremony and so book style orders of services didn't seem applicable to us personally. Origami is a big part of our relationship, as he made me an origami rose on our first ever date. I knew it had to be a part of our big day and so I created these origami orders of services (which just so happen to look like our wax seals *wink wink*) which thanked all of our friends and families for being with us. For those interested, a video I found on how to make origami items in such a way is linked herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IP7WbV_yLgQ.
For the  day, we knew the physical flowers would be the star, and so decided on minimalist stationery with some floral accents here and there. I created a greeting sign on foam board in our fonts of choice as well as our "wooden" seating plan to balance the florals elsewhere. We named our tables after our favourite watering holes in Belfast, and for the table names we sourced frames which we then upcycled and I painted the table names onto the glass. We wanted our stationery to match the vintage aesthetic of the venue and thought they turned out wonderfully! It may be cheesy to some, but from every bouquet my husband has given me over the years I have pressed a few of the flowers between books for fun. These then were placed in between the glass of the frames and I really loved the effect! I would recommend this to other couples too, not just for weddings but for frames in your house also. Our place names were simple flat cards with text and foiled like our invitations, in varying patterns.
I want to thank all of our friends and families for their contribution and help, before, during, after the wedding and now. Our stationery was a small part but you all made it so special for us. Our vendors were phenomenal and for everything you did, we are eternally grateful. The craic was ninety and we sincerely love you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Can we do it again please?


P.S. Also we're featured on One Fab Day! (How mad!)  - https://www.onefabday.com/uk/orange-tree-house-colourful-florals

have your big day, your way
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